Wednesday, June 10, 2009


June 10, 2009


A while ago I wrote an email about how my kids were obsessed with a series of graphic novels called Naruto.  I even recommend it to other people who have boys.   I never read any of the books, because I'm not really into Japanese cartoon action and violence.   But my neighbor wisely picked up one of the books just to see what her kids were reading.  She informed me that the books are full of inappropriate content, such as swearing, obscene gestures, and even cartoon nudity.  So I'm publishing this retraction.  Don't read the Naruto books, and don't have your boys read them. 


Here are some better books that Samuel enjoyed last week:

1.    Valley of Heroes by Jonathan Stroud

2.    Mimus by Lilly Thal

3.    Airman by Eoin Colfer

Isaiah loves humor so he enjoyed some books by Louis Sachar.  You can't really go wrong with Louis Sachar.  He wrote the Sideways Stories from Wayside School and Holes.  The following are the books that Isaiah enjoyed last week:

1.    Dogs Don't Tell Jokes by Louis Sachar

2.     A Series called "Marvin Redpost" by Louis Sachar.  Here are the individual book titles, in order, if you are interested:

1)    Kidnapped at Birth? 2) Why Pick on Me?  3) Is He a Girl? 4) Alone in His Teacher's House 5) Class President 6) A Flying Birthday Cake?


P.S.  And while I'm at it, I'm attaching a handsome picture of my husband in uniform from some formal dinner we had to attend, one of my 3 boys who took soccer last spring, Grace dressing up while the boys roughhouse, and last but not least Nephi and Grace washing off the chocolate peanut butter they got into.




10 Czerwiec 2009



Niedawno napisalam o tym ze Samuel i Isaiah bardzo lubia ksiazki Naruto.  Ja nigdy tych ksiazek nie czytalam bo nie interesuje sie Janponskimi komiksami.  Ale moja madra sasiadka przeczytala jedna ksiazke aby zobaczyc o czym jej dzieci czytaja.  Poinformowala mnie ze te ksiazki maja duzo nie ladnych slow, i nawet nagich rysunkow.  Wiec ja pisze te "retrakcje" ze ja nie daje mojej rekomendacji aby dzieci te ksiazki czytaly. 


Moje dzieci bardzo duzo w lato czytaja.  Samuel w ostatnim tygodniu lubil czytac ksiazki autorow, Eoin Colfer z Irandji, Lilly Thal z Niemiec, i Jonathan Stroud z Anglji.  Nie wiem jak przetlumaczyc tytuly ksiazek na Polski wiec tylko daje imienia pisarzy.


Isaiah najbardziej lubi smieszene ksiazki, wiec w ostanim tygodniu czytal ksiazki Amerykanskiego pisarza Louis Sachar.


P.S.  Zalanczam przystojne zdjecie mojego meza w mundurze z jakiegos tam waznego obiadu, zdjecia moich synow w ostatnia wiosne jak grali w pilke nozna, Grace jak zwykle przebrana, no i Nefi i Grace posmarowani czekoladowa pasta ozechowa.




Brandi said...

Uh oh. Ben got two of the books for his birthday because he and Samuel have similar taste in books and you'd said how much he liked them.
I almost bought him a few more last week--glad I didn't.

So, does this make you inappropriate now? :)

Vickie said...

When my sisters kids started reading she decided that she was going to read every book before her son did. As a result she has read a lot and always knows what they may need to discuss about the book. This has helped teach her son make good choices about the books he reads. This also allows her to have common ground with her kids. I think it's a good idea and I hope to do it as well for this exact reason.