Friday, April 30, 2010

First Place/ Pierwsze Miejsce

April 30, 2010

First Place!


This week the PX (military department store) and Baskin Robbins held a banana split eating contest.  There were six adults and six kids that participated.  There were three prizes for the adults and one prize for the kid contest. Josh, Isaiah and our friends Rachel and Kayla participated. 



It was very exciting.  They had to eat a banana with six scoops of ice cream, three scoops of syrup, whipping cream and cherries.  It was painful to devour ice cream so fast!  But the Hardmans prevailed.  Josh got first place among the adults and Isaiah got first place among the kids!  Josh won a 75 dollar gift certificate and Isaiah won 25.   It was awesome!



Here is Joshua's summary of the event: 

"I just won $75 in an eating contest last night. So to all of you nay-sayers that thought being a gluttonous slob wouldn't get me anywhere, who's laughing all the way to the bank? I think I'll spend it on a personal trainer. And my son won the kids' eating contest. Looks like we have a whole family o' champions."


Pierwsze Miejsce!

30 Kwiecien 2010


W tym tygodniu sklep tu na bazie zrobil konkurs jedzenia lodow z bananami.  6 doroslych i 6 dzieci startowalo do konkursu.  Byly trzy nagrody dla doroslych i jedna nagroda dla dzieci.  Josh, Isaiah, i nasze kolerzanki Rachel i Kayla byly w konkursie.


To byla swietna zabawa.  Musieli zjec banan, 6 galek lodow, 3 hochle syropu, bita smietane, i trzy wisnie.  Bylo bolesne jesc lody tak szybko.  Ale Hardmani wygrali!  Josh zajol pierwsze miesce u doroslych, a Isiaiah pierwsze miejsce pomiedzy dziecmi.  Josh wygral 75  dolarow, a Isaiah 25.  Wspaniale sie bawilismy!





Than & Lina said...

Nathaniel says, "I'm so proud of my family."

Nicole said...

You are lucky our family didn't know about that competition, because we Terry's know a thing or two about being gluttonous slobs too;)