Monday, May 24, 2010

Cuteness Sweetness / Sliczny i Slodki

May 24, 2010

Cuteness Sweetness


Mosiah  is 9 months old.  He is probably the cutest baby in the world right now.  He loves to smile and growl, and I mean growl all day.  He even communicates by growling.  If he growls and you growl back he will try to grow the way you growled.  He has been crawling since he was five and a half months old.  But he mostly likes to do the low sniper crawl on his elbows. 


He is very little for his age, 17 pounds.  He was born little and he has stayed little because he never liked to eat.  Ever since I had Nephi, breastfeeding has been really easy for me.  I actually breast fed Nephi into a Sumo wrestler.  Grace also breastfed like a champ.    But Mosiah always, and I mean always, cried when he breast fed.  You would have to see it to believe it.  At six months he weighed 11 pounds and the doctor suggested that maybe we should hospitalize him.   Not a good idea to me. 


So, I decided to feed him other things than breast milk.  My friend Tina and I came up with a mixture of baby food, baby cereal, heavy whipping cream and juice.  It worked so great, that not only did he gain weight but he lost all interest in breast feeding.  Not that he ever had any interest.  This all may have been because he has probably always had an ear infection.  We know that he has had one for the past 5 months.  Today he got ear tubes put in.


In spite of his ears, Mosiah is a very happy baby.  At church he is legendary for smiling at people and laughing.  At home we always call him 'Mis' (pronounced 'meesh') which is a Polish word for teddy bear. 


24  Maj 2010

Sliczny i Slodki


Mosiah ma 9 miesiecy.  On chyba jest napiekniejszym dzidziusiem na swiecie.  On bardzo lubi sie usmiechac i warczec jak  lew.   On lubi nawet miec komunikacje warczeniem.  Od pieciu miesiecy on chodzi na czworakach.


Mosiah jest bardzo malutki.  On wazy tyko 7.7 kilo.  Moje wszytkie inne dzieci byly bardzo duze wiec on mi sie wydaje bardzo bardzo malutki.  Oczywiscie on sie tez urodzil za wczesnie i tez on nigdy nie lubil jesc.  Od czasu kiedy Nefi sie urodzil to karmienie piersia bylo dla mnie bardzo latwe.  Nefi nawet byl bardzo bardzo gruby od mleka z piersi.  Grace tez bardzo dobrze jadla.  A Mosiah zato zawsze plakal jak jadl.   Jak mial 6 miesiecy to on tylko wazyl 5 kilo.  To duzo za malo, i lekarz powiedzial ze moze trzeba go wyslac do szpitala.  Ten pomysl mi sie nie pododbal. 


Ja zdecydowalam go zaczac karmic inne jedzenie oprocz mleka z piersi.  I on zaczol bardzo dobrze jesc. Ale nie stety, od tego innego jedzenia on przestal sie interesowac mlekiem z piersi.  To pewnie od tego ze on chyba zawsze mial infekcje w uszach.  Wiemy ze przez ostatnie 5 miesiecy mial ten problem.  Wiec dzisiaj mial operacje na bebenek uszow.


Chos Mosiah zawsze byl chory na uszy to po mimo tego on jest zawsze wesoly.  Cale dnie i do wszytkich on sie usmiecha.  W domu my go zawszy nazywamy mis.  Tak jak w Polskim wierszyku "Prosze panistwa oto mis; mis jest bardzo grzeczny dis. Moze panistwu lapke poda? Nie chce podac? A to szkoda."




Stephanie said...

He is the cutest little guy ever! I love his pictures and wish that I could be there to see him grow up more!:(

I love the nickname and the pictures!

Sarah said...

He truly is the most beautiful baby and I have loved seeing him in church these past months.