Friday, October 31, 2008

35th Birthday/35te Urodziny

35th Birthday


In a few days I will have my 35th Birthday.  I normally don't pay attention to how I'm aging, because I like getting older.  Every year that I'm older, I'm a better person and I am happier.  I don't categorize my life into the teens, the twenties, the thirties, ect.


Having said that, I do however still remember walking into an OB's office for the first time and reading a sign that read "Women shouldn't have babies after 35…..35 babies are enough!"


Yes, I get the joke, but turning 35 has made me reflect on the reality that my child bearing years will come to an end.  And even though having and raising children is very hard, it is also the best part of life and I'm not sure I want it to be over just yet...


…and have you met my children?  They are all so handsome, good, and smart.  Who wouldn't want more of them?!





35-te Urodziny


Za pare dni bede miala  moje 35 urodziny.  Najczesciej nie zwracam uwagi na to ze ja sie starzeje, bo ja lubie sie starzec.  Kazdego roku jestem lepsza osoba i jestem bardziej szczesliwa.  Nie kategoruje mojego zycia, w nastolatki, dwudzieski, trzydzieski, itd. 


Ale ja pamietam jak pierwszy raz poszlam do lekarza plolznika i on mial napis w poczekalni na ktorym bylo napisane:  "Kobiety nie powinny miec dzieci po 35…….35 dzieci starczy!"


Ja wiem ze to jest zart, ale ja tez wiem ze ja bede miala 35 lat i ze moja szansa na wiecej dzieci sie niedlugo skonczy.  Ja zgadzam sie ze rodzenie i wychowywanie dzieci to bardzo trudna i ciezka sprawa, ale to jest tez najelpsza czesc zycia.  Nie wiem czy jestem gotowa zakaczyc te czesc mojego zycia…


…zreszta popatrz na moje dzieci!  Wszystkie sa takie piekne, dobre, i madre.  Kto by nie chcial wiecej ich?!





Bronwyn Williams said...

Sylwia, with children as gorgeous and brilliant as yours it is no wonder it is hard to think your child bearing days are over. You will never regret having one more... we sure are happy we did.

Becky T said...

Happy Birthday, Sylwia! You definitely have a lot to be proud of for accomplishing in 35 years!

And one more thing I forgot to mention about my camera...I also purchased a higher quality lens than what my camera came with initially. And I learned how to shoot with completely manual settings (it took me about a year and a half to learn this). Both of those things make a big, big difference in how the colors and images look after the picture is taken. I hope that helps. Let me know if you have any other questions!

Pinky said...

Yes ... something to think about ... yet, you do make cute kids and you & Josh are raising them well ... can the world do without another great member or society. I'm passed 35 and I'm still considering "one more" ... we'll see if we are blessed enough to have her/him.

A little bit of crazy.... said...

Happy Birthday! It's easy to sympathize with your ambivalence about aging. I like that you know you're getting happier as time goes by.

The baby thing is tough. No matter how many babies we have I think all women probably have that moment when they pass child bearing years when that bio-clock thought is jarring. It's such a huge part of being a woman, just being able to have becomes like finding a new sense of oneself when you can't have babies any longer.

I talk like "I know" but I've only witnessed this second hand of course, but I can imagine it and I don't look forward to it.

Staci said...

Sylwia.. it isn't too late.. "they say" AFTER 35 you shouldn't have children.. WHILE you are 35 is still acceptable.. You still have time to fit in just one more! Don't you think Gracie needs a sister? j/k.. obviously that is your choice.. I miss you!

Becky said...

Happy birthday! I have also thought about this as I am progressing in my 30s. I think I still have a few childbearing years left- but it is an odd feeling to think that the countdown is on. Truly- those years are short for a woman's life span! As a young married wife trying to get pregnant with our first- - it seemed that I would have tons of time. I am just glad we didnt wait like so many in the world to START having kids in their 30's!

Also- I am amazed at how green everything is where you live! I guess that is the South! It probably isn't that much different than Florida- I lived there for a few months in the fall many years ago.