Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Technology: OurStory.com and My Blog/Technologia: OurStory.com i Moj Blog

Technology: OurStory.com and My Blog


October 28, 2008


I am very hesitant to use new technology, mainly because it takes time to learn how to use it, and when I spend more time on the computer I spend less times with my kids. 


But I decided to branch out and learn a few things.  First, my brother in law Daniel, just bought/created a company called OurStory.com  .  This site has a free registration and it lets you write down stories from your life and it organizes them chronologically.  You can connect to friends and family and your public stories can be emailed to them.  You also have the option to print the stories in a book for a very small fee. 


I have had a great time getting to know my family better by reading snippets about their lives.  Their stories have already influenced me and my kids for good.  My sister Kinga has been writing her life story down and it has been fun to read and reflect upon my own life through her stories. 


I plan to write my life story on OurStory.com.  I haven't added much to my story yet because there is only so much time I have in the day and I have been learning how to use the site.  I you would like to be invited to read my stories on that site, let me know and I'll send you an invite.


Also with my friend Tina's help I put together a blog.  My emails simply get sent to my blog and they post automatically.  In my blogroll I have tried to include everyone's blog but I could be missing a few blog addresses.  If you are missing from my list please let me know.  You are welcome to add my blog to your blogroll.


I will continue my "weekly" email letter, since that's how I post to my blog.  If you don't want to continue to receive my emails please let me know so I can delete you from my contacts.  My blog address is sjhardman.blogspot.com




Technologia:  OurStory.com i Moj Blog


28 Pazdziernik 2008


Ja nie lubie sie uczyc urzywac nowych programow  na komputerze, bo to zajmuje za duzo czasu.  Jesli spedzam wiecej czasu na komputerze to spedzam mniej czasu z moimi dziecmi i tego nie lubie.


Ale postanowilam nauczyc sie dwoch nowych zeczy.  Mojego meza brat Daniel niedawno kupil kompanie ktora nazywa sie OurStory.com   To jest storna internetwa na korej mozna pisac w swoim dzienniku i ta stora to organizuje i wysyla email to rodziny i przyjaciol ze tam jest cos nowego do czytania.  Tez za 15 dolarow moza to wszytko wydrukowac w ksiazke.


Wiele ludzi z mojego meza rodziny pisze o swoim zyciu na tej stronie.  Kinga tez pisze o swoim zyciu tam po Angielsku.  Mi sie bardzo podoba czytac doswiadzczeniach mojej i mojego meza rodziny.  Duza ja i moje dzieci sie od tego juz nauczylismy.


Ja tez napisze historie mojego zycia tam, ale jeszcze nie zaczelam bo ucze sie jak ta strone uzywac.


Tez moja kolezanka Tina pomogla mi zrobic moj wlasny blog (storna internetowa).  Tam pisze po Angielsku i po Polsku.  Wszytkie moje email tam sa slane i publikowane. 


Jesli ktos z was ma blog lub storne internetowa, to prosze przyslijcie mi adres.  Adres mojej storny internetowej jest:  sjhardman.blogspot.com




Bastianclan said...

Aweee your blog looks so great! I love the pic you have for Isaiah. Super cute!!! We are just missing an updated picture of the author herself. HUMMMM???

A little bit of crazy.... said...

I knew this would happen eventually! I'm like you with technology; a little resistant. Your blog looks really great and it makes it much easier to view the photos. I was actually skipping the pics when I read your email since it took to long to view each one. I like this much better. :)

Staci said...

Sylwia.. I love the picture of you and Josh on your blog.. You are such a beautiful lady. We miss you lots.. and your picture of Gracie in the purple flowers is really beautiful!
I am so glad that you have a blog! Keep in touch!

Becky said...

Great looking blog!! It is so fun to keep in touch via blogging. Thanks for your comment on mine!

Becky said...

Oh- by the way- you look GREAT!!