Saturday, February 21, 2009

From Bad to Worse/Coraz Gozej

February 21, 2009

From Bad To Worse

Just as I thought I could not feel any worse this pregnancy due to the nasuea, i started having major headaches, dizziness and extreme weakness.  I saw the doctor to get some anti nausea medicine, but he instead informed me that  my blood pressure is very high, usually 150/110.  There have been times that it's been higher, like 168/122.  I have a head splitting headache and my eyes feel like they need to pop out of my head.  I have very high levels of protein in my urine, the blood pressure causing some major kidney damage.  Maybe my sister can donate me a kindney after this pregnancy is over.  Just kidding, I'd never ask for a mother of 5 for something like that.  But I would ask my mother or father.

Anyway, so I have to take this medication, methyldopa, everyday, to make sure I dont have a stroke, and so that the baby develops properly.  I've been told that really high blood pressure constricts blood vessels and that there is a danger of the uterus not getting enough blood flow and the baby not growing.  So I'm ready to take it tomorrow morning, but the most common side effects that pregnant women complain about from taking the medicine are:

1. nausea
2. extreme weakness
3. dizziness
4. headaches
5. passing out
6. disorientation and memory loss
7. rapid weight gain

I guess, I have nothing to worry about since I have all those symptoms already.  I just hope they won't get worse... I dont recommend having a baby at 35. Women should have babies at 16, like in the old days, and they should be allowed to die from complications.  If it weren't for indoor plumbing, I'd wish I lived in the good old days.  That way I could have been dead long ago.  Instead, I suffer, but at least I can bathe and flush the toilet...

Writing this makes me feel like an old person, who likes to talk about their health problems. 


P.S. Pictures:

1. 2008 Christmas party at church with friends

2. Isaiah giving his teacher a Christmas name plate to put on her dest that he made by wood burning a block

3. Samuel putting together his Christmas star wars legos in Isaiah's room

4. 5. 6.  Isaiah playing in his room on his indoor gymnastics rings I got from Ikea

7. Isaiah, Josh, and Samuel playing Risk on New Year Eve and drinking sparkling apple juice

8. Burning sparklers with our neighbors, who just happen to have three boys!  How convenient is that?

21 Luty 2009

Coraz Gozej

Ja myslalam ze ja sie okropnie czulam bo caly czas chcialo mi sie wymiotowac.  Ale niedawno tez zaczela mnie glowa bolec, krecilo mi sie w glowie, i nie mialam sily nawet chodzic.  Poszlam do lekarza i wyglada na to, ze ja mam strasznie wysokie cisnienie od ciazy.  Najczesciej jest 150/110, ale nieraz nawet moze byc 168/122.  Oczy mnie strasznie bola i w moczu mam bardzo duzo bialka.  Moje nerki wysiadaja od cisnienia.  Moze po tej ciazy bede potrzebowala nowa nerke.  Moze Kinga da mi nerke.  Nie, ja zartuje, nigdy bym matki z 5 dziecmi o to  nie poprosila, ale moze poprosze mojego ojca lub mame.


Na cisnienie musze brac pigulki ktore nazywaja sie, methyldopa, codziennie, abym nie miala zawalu i aby dziecko roslo.  Jak kobieta ma za wysokie cisnienie to krew nie krazy dobrze do macicy i dziecko slabo rosnie.  Wiec od jutra zaczynam tabletki.  Niestety kobiety w ciazy ktore biora te tabletki narzekaja ze:


1. chce im sie wymiotowac

2.  sa bardzo slabe

3.  glowa ich boli

4. w glowie im sie kreci

5. mdleja

6. maja zacmienie pamieci

7. i bardzo szybko grubieja


Ja nie mam o co sie martwic, bo ja juz ma te wsztkie objawy nawet bez pigulek.  Mam nadzieje ze sie nie pogorsza.  Nie polecam nikomu miec dzieci po 35 roku zycia.  Kobiety powinny miec dzieci jak maja 16 lat, tak jak w starodawnych czasach.  Wtedy kobiety nawet mialy okazje umrzec od porodu.  Ja niestety nie moge umrzec, ale musze cierpiec.  Jesli w starodawnych czasach bylyby wanny i toalety i ciepla woda w domu, to bym chciala mieszkac w starodawnych czasac.  Ale tego nie bylo, wiec ja cierpie, ale przyjnamniej ja sie kapie i spuszczam wode w sedesie. 


Piszac o moich problemach, czuje sie jakbym byla bardzo stara osoboa ktora cale dnie lubi o swoich chrobach rozmawiac.



P.S. Zdjecia:

1. Zabawa w kosciele na Boze Narodzenie 2008 z kolegami.

2. Isaiah daje nauczycielce prezent ktory sam zrobil z klocka i naktorym wypalil  jej imie.  Klocek moze stac na jej biurku.

3. Samuel sklada klocki lego po Bozym Narodzeniu w Isaiah pokuju.

4. 5. 6. Isaiah bawi sie w swoim pokoju na kolkach gimnastycznych ktore kupilismy w sklepie Ikea.

7. Isaiah, Josh, i Samuel bawia sie w gre "Ryzyko" na sylwestra i pija sok jablkowy z babelkami.

8. Bawimy sie zimnymi ogniami z sasiadami, ktorzy tez maja 3 synow!  Tak fajnie sie nam ulozylo mieszkac oboc nich!



Pinky said...

I'm sorry you are having such a hard time. Age DEFINITELY affects the way pregnancies go. I had horrible migrane's w/ Ruby. I tried everything until I went to a Chiropractor and they got better. I hope the solutions are not worse than the problem themselves. I hope all goes well with the baby. I'll keep you in my prayers.

Robyn said...

Oh dear Sylwia- hang in there! Sounds awful. I wish I were there to help you somehow..

Love the rings in your boys' room. What a great idea!!

Brandi said...


I also had to take methyldopa when I was pregnant for Amelia. I didn't really have the side effects, but everyone is different.

Please, please call me if you need anything. You're on the "allowed to call me on the phone" list. :)

Even if it's just to complain about how badly you feel. And I stay up just as late as you, so I'll be up.


P.S. Tina was saying that this isn't pre-ecclampsia. What is it, then?

Staci said...

Sylwia, Hang in there.. Pregnancy is harder with age for sure. Hang in there though it will be worth it! Grace needs a sister.. just think where you would be without Kinga.. you can do this! I will pray for you!

Staci said...

Oh.. the rings are the coolest idea for a boys room I have ever seen! We may have to find a way to make that happen in this house for Daniel our monkey.. he would love it!

Bastianclan said...

We are all here for you girl. WE are just a call away. Even if you just need a friend we are all here for you... WE love you and we are going to help you get through the next 6 months. Everything is going to be okay....

Becky said...

How AWEFUL!!! You weren't kidding when you said you were miserable. I am feeling extremely grateful that things haven't gotten that bad for me yet. I do feel extremely sick, but nothing like what is sounds like you are having to go through. My sister had a blood pressure problem with her first pregnancy at age 24, and it was really hard. I am hoping I don't have to experience complications with this pregnancy. You are a strong woman and will survive- - and truly, that is all that matters! It is worth it for our little ones, right??? Anyway, I will keep you in my prayers, and know my heart and sympathies go out to you.

Oh, by the way- the indoor gymnastics rings in your son's room are amazing!! My kids would LOVE that! I will have to look the next time I am in a place where there is an IKEA.

A little bit of crazy.... said...

You wish WHO would be allowed to die from complications: mom, baby, or both? Well, I guess it would depend on the situation but it would still be horrible for those on the losing end. I wonder what mothers in third world countries would feel about that. Is it mercy to have the interventions or not? I'm ambivalent.

I am scared to have babies after 35! I felt so much older on this last pregnancy, but sure I bet it would have helped if I'd exercised and ate healthier food.

I hope your meds work for you and you have a healthy beautiful baby. Greater sacrifice, greater blessings, right? It'll be worth it. Just think of that big picture and you'll get through....somehow...with lots of drugs!

Mark, Holly and Boys said...

So sorry about all the difficult struggles with this pregnancy. Hang in there...