Tuesday, February 17, 2009


February 17, 2009


Our daughter Gracie just turned three years old.  Before she was born several people commented that she would probably end up being a tom-boy because she has three older brothers.

Ever since she was little Gracie did not like baths, showers, lotion, or fixing her hair.  She also never liked for me or Josh to sing to her, she would start screaming instantly and tell us to stop.  She does not even like to listen to music.

But none of these traits have made her into a tom-boy.  In fact she dislikes most "masculine" war games and she had no interest in action movies.  She only likes Barbie "Frincess" movies and My Little Pony.  The older she gets, the lonelier she seems, because she just does not like to participate in boy games.

Grace likes to dress up and wear a fancy dress every day.  She likes to dance and sing, but don't sing along with her!

A couple of days ago, I asked her to clean her room or the hallway, to which she exclaimed in a loud screaming voice "I am not a cleaner!!!"

For her birthday we got her 4 new "Little Adventures" dress up dresses from Kid to Kid.  They are so pretty, simple, washable, modest, and comfortable with no itchy parts!  Most Kid to Kid stores carry them.

We also got her a little girl make up kit because just about every day Grace covers her body in marker.  I figured that kid make up may be easier to clean than permanent marker…

Gracie recently cut her hair into a mullet.  I tried to blame it on the southern influence, but we live on a military base!  No one has a mullet here!  The hair dresser managed to fix the mullet into a cute haircut.

Nephi and Isaiah enjoyed giving Gracie a pedicure, manicure and a makeover on her birthday.   Enjoy the pictures!



17 Luty 2009


Nasza coreczka Grace wlasnie skonczyla 3 lata.  Przed jej urodzeniem kilka ludzi mi mowilo ze Grace moze nie bedzie kobieca bo ona ma 3 starszych braci.

Od poczatku Grace nie lubila sie kapac, smarowac kremem, ani wlosy sobie czesac i ukladac.  Nawet ona bardzo nie lubila jesli ktos do niej spiewal.  Zawsze krzyczala i kazala nam nie spiewac.  Nawet ona nie lubi jak muzyka gra.

Ale to nie znaczy ze ona lubi sie zachowywac jak chlopcy.  Codziennie ubiera ona sie w sukienki, tanczy, i sama spiewa.  Grace nie lubi sie bawic z chlopakami w wojne i nie lubi ogladac filmow dla chopcow.  Ona tylko lubi filmy o ksiezniczkach i o malutkich kolorowych konikach.

Pare dni temu kazalam je sprzatnac pokoj, a ona zakrzyczala "Ja nie jestem sprzataczka!"

Na urdoziny Grace dostala 4 nowe sukienki do przebierania sie i makijaz dla dzieci.  Grace codziennie smaruje cale swoje cialo flamastrami.  Wiec ja pomyslalam sobie ze latwiej  jest umyc dziecinny makijaz ze skury niz flamastry.

Pare tygodni temu Grace sama sobie obciela wlosy.  Na szczescie pani fryzjerka dobrze jej fryzure poprawila.

Na urodziny Nefi i Isaiah dobrze sie bawili nakladajac na Grace makijaz i lakier do paznokci.  Przesylam zdjecia!




Brandi said...

She's so cute in her little Frincess dresses.

I have to say, though, that all I could think about looking at the pictures was, "Barbie's hair is going to catch on fire!!!"



Pinky said...

She is so cute! I love the pix of the boys giving her a pedicure ... so cute! She has your smile! Happy Birthday Gracie!

The Galan Family said...

What a pretty little princess. That is so funny that she is so girly in a house full of boys. Looks like she had a fun birthday and I love her new little haircut. Andrew cut his bangs the other day and there was no way to fix it except shave it all off so we are just letting it grow back out. The pictures are all so cute. Did you make the cake? Great job.

Bastianclan said...

Happy Birthday 3rd Birthday Gracie. Wow that cake is awesome, my guess is Ashely made it right?
Gracie looks so cute in her princess dress.

Sylwia all I can say to the "I am not a cleaner" is the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Wink Wink!!

Mary said...

I've got a couple kids who would also declare that they are not cleaners. Aargh!

I tried to figure out which Polish word was mullet in the second copy, but no luck. How would you describe a mullet in Polish terms?

Cute dress-ups. Let me know how they hold up. I'm tired of mending my girls' princess dresses and could go for something high-quality.

Becky said...

She is adorable! Cynthia is like that. She isn't really into dolls and that kind of thing, but she loves to look pretty, dress up, and she LOVES that little girl makeup. Even super active girls who like sports can be femine! And she didn't learn her love of sports from Marcus who could care less . . .