Wednesday, April 29, 2009

New Couches and Shoes/ Nowe Kanapy i Buty

April 28, 2009


A couple of months ago, I bought new couches from IKEA.  I'm not a fan of leather couches, but I also don't like that cloth couches get dirty.  Well, IKEA solved all that for me by creating couches with changeable and machine washable couch covers.  They don't look like couch covers, but they are removable and washable.  I bought a couple of different styles, navy blue and flowered.  I had the blue on for the first couple of months, but I did not like it--too dark and dreary for me.  So for our 11th  anniversary I asked Josh to change to my flowered covers and to put up my lace curtains, and I love it.  The room is bright and cheery and beautiful.  It reminds me a bit of the temple.


In other news, I am doing much better.  Pregnancy induced hypertension usually gets better during the second trimester.  My blood pressure is back to normal and I don't have to be on the medication for now.  My nausea is also gone, so the only things I have to deal with right now are: getting heavier, feeling tired, and the occasional pregnancy UTI and peeing blood.  All I have to say about that is how grateful I am for antibiotics.  The baby is doing fine, and had been diagnosed on the ultrasound as a girl once, and as a boy twice. 


The boys have yet another obsession with some small toys and cards called bacugan.  Since it's almost the end of school, and all year both Samuel and Isaiah have been getting excellent grades, and Nephi is very willing and enthusiastic about learning how to read, we decided to treat our kids and buy them the annoying bacugan toys and to take them to the movies to see Aliens vs. Monsters.  Everyone, but especially, Grace loved the movie because it was about a superhero girl.  It was very funny to the rest of us.  At the store the boys were very excited about their new toys, but Grace took no interest in them.  Grace is definitely not a follower and not a tomboy.  She has her own interests that are very different from the boys'.  At the store she only wanted a pair of pink princess glitter shoes, and when we got home she wanted me to photograph them!




28 Kwiecien 2009


Pare miesiecy temu kupialam nowe kanapy.  Ja nie lubie kanap zrobionych ze skury, ale tez nie lubie tego ze kanapy z materialu sie brudza.  Szwecki sklep IKEA produkuje kanapy z materialu ktore mozna prac i wymieniac na rozne kolory, wiec takie tez kupilam.   Kupilam ciemno niebieski material i tez jeden w kwiatki.  Przez pierwsze dwa miesiace mialam ciemno niebieski material, ale on mi sie nie podobal bo byl za ciemny i ponury.  Wiec poprosilam meza na nasza rocznice malrzenstwa aby on zmienil material na kanapach i aby powiesil mi firanki.  Teraz duzy pokuj wyglada pieknie, wesolo, i jasno.  Przypomina mi swiatynie.


Jesli chodzi o moje zdrowie, to lepiej sie czuje.  Wysokie cisnienie podczas ciazy najczesciej spada w czwartym, piatym, i szostym miesiacy ciazy.  Moje cisnienie teraz jest normalne, nie musze brac zadnych lekarwst.  Teraz tylko jestem ciezka, zmeczona, i nieraz mam krew w moczu.  Bardzo jestem wdzieczna za antybiotyki.  Diecko bardzo dobrze wyglada, raz mi lekarz powiedzial ze to dziewczynka i dwa razy mi powiedzial ze to chlopiec, wiec zobaczymy.

Moji chopcy maja nastepna obsesje.  Tym razem bardzo lubia sie bawic w male zabawki i karty ktore sie nazywaja "bacugan".   Mnie te zabawki denerwuja, ale za to ze moji chopcy sie bardzo dobrze  caly rok ucza i tez za to ze Nefi sie bardzo ladnie uczy czytac, to postanowilam im te zabawki kupic.  Tez w ten sam dzien poszlimsy z dziecmi do kina na dziecinny film "Kosmici vs Potwory".  Grace sie ten film bardzo podobal bo byl o superhero dziewczynce, i tez byl bardzo smieszny. 


W sklepie, Grace sie wcale nie interesowala zabawkami chopcow.  Ona nie nasladuje swoich braci.  Ona ma swoje wlasne zainteresowania i jest nie zalezna od nich.  W skepie ona tylko chciala kupic rozowe swieciace sie buty  dla ksiezniczki, a jak przyslimy do domu to mi kazala butom zrobic zdjecie!




Heather said...

I am glad that you are feeling better. Your couches look lovely.

Bastianclan said...

I love your blue couches. But I must admit your flower ones are beautiful.

I love Gracies shoes. Such a girly girl. Love it!

WE still need to see that movie. Maybe this weekend. We have been so busy.

Brandi said...

Ben and Liam are into Bakugan, too. Yup, annoying.

Ben got some of those graphic novels your boys are into (Naruto?) for his birthday and LOVES them. Thanks for the recommendation.

I'm glad you're feeling better.

I personally Love the blue couches best, but these are pretty, too. And soon you'll have awesome pillows to match. :)

Pinky said...

I'm glad you are feeling better. Things look so much brighter when things you are not sick. Your couches look so nice ... I'll have to look into them when I am ready to get new couches. Mario is totally into Bakugan and has a large collection of them. If you come visit this summer lets get them together to play.

A little bit of crazy.... said...

Peeing blood! Oh man. I'm sorry it's so rotten for you. Glad to hear you're makin' it through.

I really like that living room. It suits you. I love leather...because of the washability factor, though I've heard microfiber is excellent, too.

momodafoxes4 said...

Bakugan has hit this house as well...Cade is the only one into them right now..Quentin likes to steal them from him, much to his displeasure!
So, will you be surprised at delivery time or will they try to confirm the sex at a later date?? Glad you are feeling better and I like your couches!