Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Mud Race/Wyscig w Blocie

The Mud Run

May 17, 2009


Yesterday my 3 sons and husband participated in the Marine Mud Challenge.  For kids that's a 1 mile run through the mud, and for adults it's a 4 mile run through mud and various climbing obstacles.  I did it last year with 3 of my friends, but since I'm pregnant with major complications, this year I abstained. 


Samuel and Isaiah had a great time.  Samuel finished the race fifth out of all the kids.  Poor Nephi, however, had a rough start.  Josh was standing on the sidelines taking pictures and as Nephi turned to wave at him, he ran straight into a metal post with his face.  He fell on the ground in a daze and started crying.  This reminded me a bit of his uncle, also named Nephi, who jumped off a train in Hungary and also hit his face on a metal pole….   Luckily, my son Nephi, did not sustain any major injuries, and he even got up and finished the race.  Way to be a Hardman!


The adults had to run their race as teams of 4.  Josh ran with his friend Steve Muller, Dawson Harker and  Dawson's fiancé Emma.  It took them 60 minutes to finish the race, so they did pretty well.  The top winning team ran it in 45 minutes and the runners up in around 57 min.


The most enjoyable part for the kids was the big fire truck continuously spraying water and providing a shower after the run.  The kids even got into a minor mud fight after the race.  Enjoy a few pictures from the race and the rest after the race!  Oh, and check out the picture of my handsome muscular husband!




Wyscig w Blocie

17 Maj 2009


Wczoraj moji 3 synowie i moj maz brali udzial w wyscigu w blocie.  Dzieci biegly 1 mile przez bloto, a dorosli biegli 4 mile przez bloto i tez musieli na wysokie przeszkody sie wspinac.  Ja bralam udzial w takim wyscigu rok temu z 3 kolezankami, ale w tym roku jestem w ciazy i mam rozne komplikacje wiec nie bralam udzialu.


Samuel i Isaiah wyscig sie bardzo podobal.  Samuel skoczyl wyscig piaty  z  wszytkich dzieci.  Nefi zo ta mial bardzo trudny poczatek wyscigu.  Jak moj maz Josh stal obok niego aby zrobic mu zdjecie, Nefi pomachal mu i byl nie skoncentrowany i udezyl twarza w metalowy slup.  Oczywiscie upadl i zaczol plakac.  To mi przypomnialo jak jego wujek, ktory tez sie nazywa Nefi, by na misji w Wegrach, i jak tam jechal pociagiem to wyskoczyl z pociagu bo minol przystanek i on tez uderzyl twarza w metalowy slup…Na szczescie moj syn Nephi nie mial zadnych ran jak jego wujek, i on nawet wstal i szkonczyl wyscig! 


Dorosli musieli brac udzial w wyscigu jako druzyna czterech osob.  Moj maz biegl z kolega Steve Muller, Dawson Harker, i z Dawsona narzeczona Emma.  Wysig zajol im 60 minut, i to nawet dobry czas.  Ci co wygrali biegli w 45 minut, a nastpeni co wygrali to 57 minut.


Caly czas przed i po wyscigu byl tam woz strazacki ktory lal wode, aby wszyscy mogli sie wykapac od blota.  Dzieciom to sie bardzo podobalo i tez lubily bawic sie i rzucac blotem.  Jest kilka zdjec z wyscigu a reszta po wyscigu!  Na koncu zdjecie mojego przystojnego meza z miesniami!







Staci said...

Very Fun.. it looks like they got smarter after last year and put plastic under the water so it wasn't all sucked into the soil. What fun.. it brings back some great memories!
I think this is maybe the second picture I have seen of Josh wearing something besides Scrubs..
Way to go.. they were pretty fast! We missed the marine challenge here in Hawaii.. maybe next year!

Bastianclan said...

What a fun day! My kids loved to spray the water! We all laughed so hard during one of the obsticles. Super funny!!! I was too chicken to do it!!!! But it does look fun. Good Job to Josh and his group for the awesome time!

Mary said...

What a fun tradition! Kent is always telling me the fun he had with his brothers when they were young and would make mud puddles to run around in. I know my kids would love it, but I'm not willing to sacrifice my yard for it.

I had to laugh and feel bad at the same time at the bit about Nephi. How strange is that coincidence with him and his uncle hitting fence posts. Poor kid!

Lina Hardman said...

That looks like fun!