Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Grandmas / Babcie


October 27, 2009


Having 5 kids had made me busy busy busy and unable to relax much while writing in my journal.  My new baby Mosiah is very cute, but very fussy.  He cries all day and all night.  Luckily he is old enough not to eat at night, so Josh gets up with him in the night and I get a full night's sleep.  This way I am able to function as a mom during the day.  I don't want to know if Josh is able to function as a doctor…


After I had the baby I was blessed to have my mother in law-Nancy, and them my mom-Grace come to visit and help me.  All the children enjoyed having their grandmas here.


While Nancy was here, Isaiah had his birthday.  He is now 9 years old.  We had two birthday celebrations for him.  One with just the family, and one with his friends.  For both parties Grandma the most delicious chocolate cake with homemade cooked frosting.  It was very different and much more delicious than any other frosting that we ever ate.


For his birthday I got Isaiah a large set of NERF guns.  All the boys had a blast running around the house shooting each other with foam darts.  Isaiah's friend Kadyn gave him a paintball sling shot.  A few days after receiving his presents, Isaiah told me that he now has everything that he could possibly wish for.  He informed me that he does not need any presents for Christmas or subsequent birthdays because he now has everything he ever wanted…


Isaiah is such a nice guy.  Out of all of the kids, he is the one that loves baby Mosiah the most and carries him all day when he is home.  He is never annoyed when the baby cries for no reason.  He has a true talent for patience and love and for taking care of children.  Another son of mine, following in his father's footsteps. 


Before Grandma Nancy came to visit, she sent us a puppet stage, and when she was here we had our first chance to use it.  The boys acted out a story from the scriptures about the assassin Teancum, to honor Mosiah's middle name.  It was great fun, and Samuel made a great narrator.  As serious as Samuel is most of the time, he definitely has a funny bone.


When my mom was here visiting and helping us, Josh had to go on a mandatory family vacation with his work.  I was not feeling up to riding in a car after a c-section with a newborn, so my mom went along to help care for the kids.  They went to Hilton Head Island and stayed at the hotel right on the beach.  As always, everyone loved jumping the waves and playing in the sand.  The kids found a huge horseshoe crab carcass and brought it home.  The van smelled like dead seafood for a week, but the crab shell is awesome to behold.  Enjoy the pictures!





27 Pazdziernik 2009


Po urodzeniu piatego dziecka jestem bardzo bardzo zajeta.  Nie mam za duzo czasu aby pisac w moim dzienniku na komputerze.  Moj nowy syn Mosiah jest bardzo ladny ale on jest bardzo marudny.  Cale dnie i noce placze.  Na szczescie moj maz sie z nim w nocy budzi abym ja sie mogla wyspac i funkcjonowac jako matka.  Ja nie wiem czy moj maz moje funkcjonowac jako lekarz jak on sie nie wysypia…


Zaraz po urodzeniu dziecka, moja tesciowa-Nancy, a potem moja mama-Grazyna przyjechala aby nam pomoc.  Dzieci sie bardzo cieszyly spedzic czas ze swoimi babciami.


Jak babcia Nancy tu byla to moj syn Isaiah mial 9 urodziny.  Dla niego mielismy dwie uroczystosci.  Jedna tylko z rodzina a druga z kolegami.  Babcia Nancy na obywa przyjecia upiekla nam wspaniale orginalne czekoladowe ciasto.  Takrze babcia Nancy nam zbudowala scene na kukielki.  Dzieci wykonaly wystep dla doroslych o postaci Teancum aby honorwac drugie imie naszego malutkiego Mosiah.  Moj najstarszy syn Samuel byl bardzo dobrym narratorem.  Choc Samuel najczesciej jest bardzo powarzy on tez lubi i umie zartowac.


Na urodziny Isaiah dostal pistolety NERF.  Wszyscy chlopcy bardzo lubili latac po domu i strzelac jeden w drugiego.  Tez na urodziny Isaiah dostal proce ktora strzela kolki z farba.  Kilka dni po urodzinach Isaiah powiedzial mi ze on juz nic nie potrzebuje, bo on juz ma wszytko to co chce.  Powiedzial mi ze nie musze mu kupowac zadnych prezentow na gwiazdke i na nastepne urodziny, bo on juz wszytko ma.


Isaiah jest takim kochanym dzieckiem.  Ze wszytkich naszych dzieci on najbardziej lubi naszego malutkiego syna Mosiah.  Cale dnie jak Isaiah jest w domu to on go trzyma i nosi.  Isaiah mowi ze go to wcale nie denerwuje jak Mosiah caly czas placze.  Isaiah naprawde ma talent cierplwosci i milosci i talent zajmowania sie dziecmi.  Wyglada na to ze moj drugi syn juz nasladuje swojego tate. 


Jak moja mama do nas przyjechala mi pomoc i nas odwiedzic, to Josh musial jechac na krotkie obowiazkowe rodzinne wakacje z ludzmi z pracy.  Mi sie nie chcialo jechac zaraz po operacji z niemowlem.  Wiec moja mama pojechala aby pomoc mu z dziecmi.  Pojechali na wyspe Hilton Head.  Ich hotel byl na plarzy i jak zwykle wszyscy bardzo lubili sie bawic w falach morza i w piasku na plarzy. Dzieci znalazy wiekla skorupe kraba i przywiozly ja do domu.  Przez tydzien samochod nam pachnial padlina z morza, no ale skrzyplocz swietnie wyglada!  Mam nadzieje ze zdjecia sie wam spodobaja!




Bastianclan said...

it's about time you updated your blog. Hello 5 kids is not an excuse. LOL Okay maybe...

It was so much fun having the Grandma's in town.

What a fun Family!!!
Love you guys

Becky said...

Glad things are going OK after your baby was born! The pictures are great. I can relate about having a fussy baby- - he cries unless he is being held (and only if he is in a good mood), fed or sleeping. Makes for kind of a crazy life- I have a hard time getting much done - - and I am still getting up at night. Well, he is only 3 1/2 weeks, so I am hoping it will get better as he gets older. Luckily I feel like I have recovered well from the c-section. Anyway, glad things are going OK for you! Hang in there on those "extra fussy" days!