Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Baby Mosiah

November 11, 2009

Baby Mosiah


Baby Mosiah is now 3 months old!    He is very cute and he loves to smile, but he also likes to fuss.  He likes to fuss all day and a lot of the night, and he even likes to fuss while he is breastfeeding.  What kind of baby fusses while breastfeeding?  I remember Samuel being that fussy, actually even fussier, but now he is our easiest child.  So if Mosiah wants to follow is his footsteps, that's just fine with me. 


Taking care of Mosiah is split up into 3 shifts.  I take care of him during the day shift, Samuel and Isaiah take care of him after school during swing shift, and Josh takes care of him overnight--the graveyard shift.  Isaiah loves taking care of the baby.   Mosiah hardly ever fusses when he is with him, but then Isaiah is always carrying him around and dancing with him.  Samuel prefers to read a book while holding the baby.


On October 11 Josh blessed Mosiah. 

Mosiah was blessed with the desire to understand God and the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  He was blessed with a deep love for his fellow beings both in and out the church and in an out of his family.  He was blessed to dedicate his time and energy to the service of others, to have a keen mind, and to be active and energetic in both his temporal and spiritual callings. 

Mosiah was also blessed to always have a drive and a desire to serve God and to become like Him.  He was blessed to look to Jesus Christ and the prophets to be his examples and guides.  And he was blessed to always understand what's most important and to not be sidetracked by the things of the world.


I'm sending some pictures of Mosiah.  Samuel gave titles to the first few:

1.    Happy

2.    "Speaking of Holy Things"(must watch Nacho Libre to appreciate)

3.    The Hunted

4.    Barf Face

5.    Laughing Man



Dzidzius Mosiah


Mosiah juz ma 3 miesiace.  On jest bardzo slodki i lubi sie usmiechac ale tez lubi marudzic.   Cale dnie marudzi i tez w nocy, i on nawet marudzi jak go karmie.  Jakie niemowle marudzi jak je?  Pamietam ze moj najstarszy syn Samuel taz tak duzo marudzil a teraz on jest naszym najlatwiejszym dzieckiem.  Jesli Mosiah idzie je jego kroki to sie nie martwie.


Zajmowanie Mosiah jest podzielone w trzy dyzury.  Ja sie nim opiekuje rano, Samuel i Isaiah po poludniu, a Josh w nocy.  Isaiah najlepiej sie nim opiekuje, bo jak Mosiah jest z nim to on prawie nie placze.  Ale Isaiah tez go zawdze nosi i nawet z nim tanczy.  Samuel woli czytac ksiazki jak trzyma Mosiah.


11 Pazdziernika Josh poblogoslawil Mosiah.  Mosiah byl blogoslawiony aby rozumial ewanglie Jezusa Chrysusa, zeby zawsze kochal swoich bliznich,  i abym im zawsze sluzyl.  Byl blogostawiony aby byl madry i aby mial energie aby wypenic swoje duchowe i materialne zajecia.  Tez byl blogoslawiony aby sluzyl Bogu i aby go nasiladowal, i aby bral przyklad od zycia prorokow i od Jezusa.   I byl blogolawiony aby zawsze pamietal o tym co jest najwazniejsze w zyciu.


Przesylam zdjecia Mosiah




Jennifer Sharpe said...

He looks just like Grace in the second pic! Gabriella fussed all of the time too, she got a lot better after I switched her to formula.

Mary said...

The first thought I had at seeing his picture was, "Yep. He's a Hardman." He looks like a miniature of your other kids, which I guess he is!

My two fussy babies are now my two sweetest, most even tempered children. At least you can look forward to that (maybe).

I had to laugh at the picture titles, particularly Naco Libre and "The Hunted". LOL!!!

Sarah said...

I love the picture of the reading book & napping boys. Just the kind of picture i love seeing of my family now that we've grown up.