Friday, July 24, 2009

In Trouble Again / Znowu Powoduje Klopoty

In Trouble Again

July 22, 2009


I seem to get in trouble a lot, usually unintentionally, but it is definitely my own fault.  So last night my blood pressure rose pretty high all the way to 170 and once even to 180.  It stayed like that for a few hours and then came back down.  My doctor showed up in the morning and said that I can either have the baby now or find a new doctor.  He was pretty stressed out and said he would not risk his career on such a non compliant patient.  He said that if I don't trust him as a doctor, he needs to step down; just like a president should step down if the people don't trust him.  I thought that was really funny.  Why hasn't Obama stepped down then?  It was even funnier coming from my doctor, who looks just like Obama.  I tried to find the doctor's picture on the internet but it wasn't there.  Too bad.


Well, I didn't have the baby, so I made some calls about a new doctor.  I was upset at first, but calmed down after my husband's office said they would make the arrangements tomorrow.


So this is my dilemma.  Is my baby at more risk to be born premature 6 weeks or stay inside me while I have preeclampsia?  I don't know.  I prayed and talked it over with Josh and we waiting on the new doctor's opinion.  Any of you have an opinion?


My friend Brandi wrote about me and my experience of being fired by the doctor on her famous blog:

She is a much better and more entertaining writer than I, so you may want to check it out.  Just a warning, however, not this one, but many of her posts contain "language".



P.S.  No more hospital pictures today.  My husband just developed the underwater camera he took on his Disney Cruise in the Bahamas.  The pictures are of my boys swimming with stingrays. 


22 Lipiec 2009

Znowu Powoduje Klopoty


Ja czesto powoduje klopoty, choc nie celowo, ale i tak to jest moja wina.  Wczoraj w nocy  moje cisnienie wzroslo az to 180 i tak zostalo przez pare godzin.  Ale potem znowu sie obnizylo. Moj lekarz przyszedl do szpitala rano i mi powiedzial ze musze od razu miec cesarskie ciecie a jesli sie nie zgodze to musze znalesc innego lekarza.   Zdecydowalam sie znalesc innego lekarza.  Moj lekarz powiedzial jesli ja mu nie ufam to on musi odejsc, tak samo jak prezydent musi odejsc jak ludzie mu nie ufaja.  Nie wiem o co mu chodzilo.  Wiele ludzi nie ufa naszemu Obama, a on nie odchodzi.  To bylo bardzo smieszne bo moj lekarz wyglada bardzo podobnie do Obama.  Chcialam znalesc jego zdjecie na internecie aby wam pokazac, ale nie znalazlam.  Szkoda.


Na poczatku bylam zdenerwowana ale potem mojego meza szpital zalatwil mi nowego lekarza; jutro ja spotkam. 


Mam teraz dylemat.  Czy bardziej niebezpieczne jest dla mojego dziecka byc urodzone 6 tygodni za wczesnie czy byc w srodku mnie podczas mojej choroby?  Nie wiem.  Obydwa maja ryzyka.  Josh i ja wczoraj zomawialismy i sie modlilismy.  Czekamy na nowego lekarzy opinie.  Jaka jest twoja opinia?

Moja kolezanka  Brandi napisala o mnie i o tym moim doswiadczeniu na swoim website.  Ona jest bardzo smieszna.  Jesli czytasz po agielsku to ci sie moze jej styl spodobac:




P.S. Nie przesylam zdjec ze szpitala tym razem.  Moj maz wywolal klisze podwodnego aparatu ktory mial ze soba na statku Disney w Bahamas.  Na zdjeciach moje dzieci plywaja z trygonami.


Mary said...

Here's my opinion, though you have to know first that I know very little about preeclampsia. The technology that is available for newborn care these days is incredible and your baby would be in good hands even born prematurely. If your other babies were born with healthy weights and this one looks to be a good size, I would go ahead and have the baby and not risk either of you facing serious complications that could arise if you wait it out.

Kent's cousins had a baby 13 weeks early, and thanks to excellent NICU care, his only lasting complication is that he has to wear glasses. I tell you, technology is amazing! And you can add Priesthood power through blessings on top of the technology. I say go for it, in my humble opinion.

momodafoxes4 said...

Sylwia, my heart goes out to you during this difficult decision. I agree with your friend above...NICU's these days are quite awesome.
I have done a few hours of searching the internet on your condition, and honey, none of it is good. All the stories I read ended up with devastating results or results that were just too close for comfort, and nearly every sufferer said that it took MONTHS for them to recover because the preeclampsia did so much damage to kidneys and liver.
How close are you to 35 weeks? What impressions have you received from your prayers? Has Joshua given you a blessing and what does he think, in his medical opinion? Has a biophysical profile been done on the baby, what does his weight and movement look like?
I did not suffer from pre eclampsia with this last pregnancy, but when I went in at 39 weeks and they could not find her heartbeat for about 30 minutes, i was devastated. Upon delivery, it was discovered that i had 2 placentas, and the one she was attached to had some pretty serious calcifications. My point in sharing this, is that I felt fine and if that little hiccup hadn't happened, I could have lost her. Thank goodness I had a midwife who wouldn't let me dismiss the whole thing as 'weird' and let me go home!
I say, have the baby as soon as possible.
I am sure we will all be watching and anxiously awaiting your decision, because, after all - it is YOUR decision. My prayers are with you and your family at this time.....

Brandi said...

You already know that I think, at this stage, sooner is better. I think that the complications that could arise from being 5 weeks early are easier to treat and less potentially devastating than the complications that could arise while the baby is still in utero.

But you also know I think you should go with what the Spirit tells you.

We'll be gone all day today, but I'll have my phone. You better call if you have baby Muloki Zeezrom today! :)

bonniejean22 said...

Go to you can find some really good info there and ask doctors. It took me about a year to get my kidneys to run right agian!!! And a good six months to stop seeing lights in my eyes. even with my second kid preeclamisa came on earlyer and faster. I know your not worried about your self, just the baby, but you need to be. You could have a stroke with blood in the 170's that would not be good for the baby. if you need to talk you can always call me. I can give you some could tips for the nicu. I'm not even sure your baby will have to be in there every long? My baby who was born at 30weeks and was 2lbs9 oz. came home in only 3 weeks at 3lbs 3oz. he nursed the next day he was born and did all the normal baby things. just small.

Mark, Holly and Boys said...

Sylwia - I was wondering how things were going with you, and had to chuckle at your post (and your friend's). Only you would get fired by your doctor :) I think your friend Mary put things well, and correct me if I'm wrong...but when a dr. knows they are taking a baby early can't they inject medication to speed up the development of the baby's lungs (usually the biggest worry with babies born a few weeks early)? If it were me, that would help me feel better when weighing the pros & cons of waiting. We'll keep you & the baby in our prayers, and good luck (although I don't think it has much to do with luck)...

Karin said...

Sylwia, You do what you feel needs to be done. As far as you've said, you don't have any symptoms of pre eclampsia besides the high BP, right? Babies almost always do better the longer they are left in the womb. NICUs are amazing these days. They do great things for babies who otherwise would not have survived in the "olden days". It still doesn't mean that babies do better in the hospital than they do in your body.

I just wanted you to know that just because you made this choice doesn't make it wrong. Unfortunately, women get "fired" from their OB's. I say unfortunate, because they should be partners with the health of you and your baby. If a dr can fire you for "non-compliance", doesn't that make him kind of a dictator? Doesn't that make his "recommendations" an edict or a law?

We should be free to choose our practitioner. You pay him as a consultant with extra knowledge. You make the decisions and then you must deal with the consequences. This is how the system works best.

You will be okay! :-)

Bastianclan said...

I love those pictures of the boys and the sting ray how cool are they?

I think it's better to have the baby out. I think it's time....