Wednesday, June 25, 2008

My Mothers/Moje Matki

May 10, 2008

My Mother and I Came From Poland

Ever since I can remember I have always loved my mother.  My earliest
memory of her is when she got into a car that was supposed to drive
her to the airport because she was going to work in Sweden for a few
months.  I was devastated and I cried and ran after the car.  I was
very scared to be without my mom….
Because I don't have a very good long term memory, I have very few
memories of my early childhood.  My more vivid memories start at age
11 when we came to the United States.  Those were traumatic years in
my life, and I have often talked about them, so my memories from that
time are much more clear.
We came to the United States to Texas in 1985, during a recession.  My
parents found jobs at a factory for 3 dollars and 35 cents per hour.
We were very poor and since we didn't speak English we were often
mistreated.  We didn't have a car and my mom had to walk for over an
hour to work and back, sometimes even at night.  Bad things happened
at work and during her walks home, and soon my mother was laid off
from work.
Things were not happy at home either.  Due to the stresses of living
in a new country my father became verbally, emotionally, and even
physically abusive.  It was around this time that my mother started
telling me about the people that were always following her.
I was very intrigued and somewhat scared at first.  But soon my mother
began to tell me about chips in the walls and in the phone that were
recording our voices and filming our movements.  Not long after that,
she told me about devices implanted in her head and chest that caused
her terrible pain and tormented her.  Daily she screamed and cried
because of her fear and pain.  I felt scared and hopeless.  I wanted
to help my mother but I did not know how.
Often I escaped from the house to hang out with shabby "friends".  My
associations with them and their ways made me even more depressed, and
I began to pray that I would just die.
Then one day as my sister and I were watching TV, we saw a commercial
about Another Testament of Jesus Christ called the Book of Mormon.  We
were very intrigued that a book, other than the Bible, claimed to have
an account of the appearance of Jesus.  My sister asked me to call the
number on the screen and order the book, but I insisted that she do
it.  Sometime later my sister and I found out that we both had called
and ordered the book without either of us knowing that the other one
of us called as well.
Katie, My Missionary Mom
After three miserable years in the United States, one sunny day, I heard a knock on the door.  When I opened the door I saw two
beautiful young ladies smiling at me.  They said that they had come to
deliver the Book of Mormon and asked if they could stay and teach me
about the gospel of Jesus Christ.  As they came in and began to talk,
my sister Kina came out of the bedroom, and as we listened, Kinga and I
began to do something we hadn't done in three years.  We began
smiling.  When the lovely missionaries left, my sister and I commented
to each other how our cheeks hurt from smiling because we had not used
those smiling muscles for so long and because we could not stop
smiling. That was the first time in my life that I felt the calming
and the gladdening power of the Holy Ghost.
Katie Phelps (now Katie Kunzelman) was one of my missionaries who
introduced me to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  But
she was much more than just my missionary.  She was my friend and
mentor and she even included me in her family.  When it was time for
me to get baptized, she called her father in California to come out to
Texas and perform the baptism.
When Katie ended her mission and went to college in Utah, she invited
me and my sister to come live with her and her new husband, so that we
could have a safe peaceful home to grow up in.  Katie's family sent
money to buy us nice clothes to replace the ragged Heavy Metal T-shirt
we wore before joining the church.  When I finally came out to Utah a
few years later, Katie had moved, and I was homeless sleeping in my
car.  Katie's sister, Sam, took me into her home where I lived with
her and her husband for a while.
I sometimes wonder why God has always taken notice of me and my needs.
At a time when my mother was "unavailable" to teach and nurture me,
God sent others to mother me.   God first commissioned Katie to teach
and nurture me and set my life on the path of happiness.   Though my
circumstances did not change immediately, gone were my hopelessness
and despair.
Sister Pieper, My Visiting Teaching Mom
After living in Texas for three miserable years, my family moved to
Falls Church Virginia, near the Washington DC area.  My father was
hoping to find a job in the east, where the economy was slightly
better.  He began to work in construction and he managed to pay the
bills.  I was 14 years old and a new member of the Church of Jesus
Christ of Latter Day Saints.  Whenever a new person joins this church,
the old time church members are assigned to fellowship the new member.
Diana Pieper was assigned to care for me and for my sister Kinga.  We
called Diana Pieper, Sister Pieper, as is the custom in our church to
call everyone brother and sister, especially your elders.
Sister Pieper served us far beyond her call of duty.  She loved and
cared for us much like a mother.  Often we ate at her house and sat
around and talked about our lives.  Sister Pieper was the first person
who told us that we lived in a dysfunctional house and that our life
was not ideal.  This really surprised me because I always assumed that
everyone lived in a place where they felt worried, nervous, and
Once, some friends and I gathered over at sister Pieper's house for a
bike ride.  During the bike ride I flipped over my handle bars and
landed on a gravel path on my face.  I was pretty beat up and in
danger of a concussion.  Sister Pieper drove me to the hospital and
proceeded to call my parents.  I was terrified.  I did not want my
father to know about my accident, because it was his habit to hit us
and scream at us whenever we got hurt.  In order to receive treatment in the
hospital, however, my father had to be notified.  When I told sister
Pieper about my fears, she was not afraid.  She called my father and
explained to him how he was allowed to act at the hospital.  From the hospital she took me into her home so that I could recuperate in a safe place.
When I got home a few days later, I was no longer afraid; I knew that
I could always flee to sister Pieper's, and that sister Pieper had
warned my father not to act violently.
Sister Pieper also helped us to get rid of many of my mother's cats.
A lot of mentally ill women collect cats.  My mom started out with
just one cat, Muszka, but Muszka kept getting pregnant and
multiplying.  We lived in a 1 bedroom apartment with 4 people and 7
cats.  My father refused to contribute any money for the cat litter
and often the cats peed on our clothes or on the floor.  Sometimes I
smelled like cat urine at school.
During this time my mother was very mentally ill.  She was home most
of the day screaming and caring for her cats.  She was very attached
to all of her cats and would not let us give them away.  So sister
Pieper, my sister Kinga, and I came up with a plan to get rid of the
It was my job to throw a cat out the window in the split second when
my mother wasn't watching.  My sister Kinga's job was to catch the cat
at the bottom of our 3 story apartment building, and run with the cat
to the parking lot.  Sister Pieper's job was to sit in a running car
and to drive off as soon as a cat was deposited into her back seat.
The plan worked beautifully.  Over the next few months we got rid of
all the cats, except for Muszka, my mom's first and favorite cat.
Sister Pieper also taught me how to drive and helped me buy a car.
She did this just in time, because soon after I got my car, my father
announced that he had found a girlfriend that he would be moving in
with her.  He told us that my mother and I would have to find another
place to live.  I was 16 years old at that time.  My sister Kinga, who
was 18, had moved to Utah several months earlier to live with Katie.
When I prayed to the Lord to find out where I should go, I felt that I
needed to move to Utah as well.
While I was packing my car to head to Utah with my mother and her cat,
my father showed up to inquire where we were going.  I told him we
were going to Utah.  He said that if we were traveling that far, that
we probably needed gas money, so he gave me 600 dollars.  I was set to
continue on my journey.
Sandy, A Mom Who Took Me In
My mother and I never made it to Utah in one piece.  In Dinosaur,
Colorado, my mom decided that the mafia was much too powerful in the
state of Utah.  She claimed that if she crossed the border into Utah,
the Mormons would persecute her and liquefy her brain.  So my mother
fled from the car and started living homeless on a desert hill in
Craig, Colorado (to make a very long story short).
Meanwhile my sister Kinga had signed us up for Girl's Camp in Provo,
Utah.  I thought that was ridiculous.  We had just been camping out
for several weeks in Colorado trying to convince my mother to come
with us to Utah, with no success.  But to Girls' Camp we went, thanks
to my sister, and that's where we met Sandy.
Sandy loved us and wanted to mother us from the night she first heard
me speak about my life.  When she came home from camp, she asked her
husband Steve and her four sons if it would be ok if she invited us to
live with them.  They unanimously agreed, even though they had a small
house and were struggling financially.
For the first time in my life I had the opportunity to live in a
functional home with a loving and peaceful family.  The lessons that I
learned in Steve and Sandy's home will forever be priceless.  Each day
we stared with prayer and scripture study, each night we read books
and stayed up and talked about our day.  Each Monday we enjoyed family
time, and each Sunday, Steve baked a dozen loafs bread to eat, and
each Saturday we did our chores and gardened together as a family.
Then one night we got a call.  It was my mother calling to say goodbye
because she was starving to death on the streets of Denver, Colorado.
My sister and I quickly jumped in the car and drove to find her.  When
we saw her, she was half dead.  Her skin was burnt by sun, her body
was slim and withered, and she could hardly move.  This time she did
not have strength to protest as we drove her to Utah to Sandy's house.
Sandy nourished my mother back to health.  But as my mother's
physical strength returned, so did the devils that tormented her mind.
She screamed and raved all day and night, and Sandy's family had to
hide at their neighbors' homes to get some peace.
I prayed to the Lord for direction, and He told me to take my mother
back to Poland.  So at the age of 17, I left the comforts of Sandy's
home, and with my mother I flew to Poland to find healing.  But that's
another story.
As I struggled in Poland to survive, one thought always brought me
comfort.  In Utah I had a family, and another mother Sandy who loved
me and prayed for me.
My Mother's Example
After enduring many trials and tribulations in Poland, my mother had a
priesthood blessing that was administered by some missionaries from my
church.  In the blessing my mother was promised that the devils that
had possessed her mind would leave and that she would be blessed to
function.  Ever since that blessing, my mother has gotten better every
day of her life.
She now holds a job, owns a house, and cultivates a garden.  Sometimes
she is even grateful for her unfulfilled dreams because she says that
her life has enabled her to have faith in God and that she has
developed gratitude for the things she has been blessed with.
Even though during a long period of my life my mother was sick, she
has always been a great example to me.  I will list just a couple of
A few years ago my mother went to Poland for two years to take care of
her aging mother.  I rented out some of the rooms in my house, so that
I could send her $200 or $300 per month to live on.  She told me that
was sufficient and that she was getting along fine.  A friend of mine,
however, went to visit my mom in Poland and reported that my mom lived
in dire conditions.  Even though her apartment was clean and new, it
did not have a single piece of furniture.   My mom slept on a tile
floor.  She also had very little food.  I was outraged and I called my
mother to ask why she was living so poorly.  She told me that she had
run into a childhood friend with a lung disease who was out of work,
as was his wife.  They had a child and they were starving.  Also, they
could not afford to buy coal to heat their home in the winter.  My
mother had saved every penny that she could from what I sent her, to
buy food and coal for this family.  Every month she would help them,
because she said they were much more needy than she.  To this day, my
mom buys the yearly supply of coal for this family.

Another time my sister Kinga, had her brother in law, Brad, staying
with her.  Brad has had a hard life himself, and for a long time he
was a drifter.  He was not very responsible and lived with one friend
after another.  Brad also smoked, had a Mohawk, and many body
piercings and tattoos.  While he was living with my sister, Kinga and
I often resented him for his lack of motivation and we often
complained about him.  But never my mother.  She always loved him and
said that deep down he is a good person.  For Christmas she invited
him to her house and bought him presents.  I was shocked.  It never
occurred to me to show that much kindness to this poor lost soul.  But
right away it occurred to my mother...
It is clear that God esteems mothers above all others, because to them
he entrusts the care of his children.  Often when our natural mothers
are not available, God puts other women in our path to mother us.  I
will always be grateful to Him for my mother and for her example, and
for the other mothers in my life.
Sylwia Hardman


I have attached the pictures of my mother figures in the following order:
1)My Mother and I in Poland
2)Katie, my missionary
3)Sister Pieper, my visiting teacher
4) Sandy, who took me in
5)A recent photo of my mom




10 Maj 2008




Moja Mama i Ja Pzyjechalysmy z Polski


Ja zawsze kochalam moja mame.  Jak bylam bardzo mala pamietam ze moja mama wyjechala do Szwecji pracowac.  Jak ktos ja odebral samochodem zeby ja zawiesc na lotnisko to ja pamietam ze ja bieglam za tym samochodem i plakalam.  Bardzo sie balam byc bez mamy…


Ja nie mam dobrej pamieci, wiec ja nie pamietam wiekszosc mojego dziecinstwa.  Moja wyrazniesza pamiec zaczyna sie jak mialam 11 lat.  Wtedy przyjechalismy do Ameryki i mielismy bardzo ciezkie zycie i moze tez dlatego pamietam te wydarzenia.  Tez czesto ludzie mnie pytali o moim doswiadczeniu emigracji wiec czesto o tym opowiadalam.  To tez pewnie pomoglo mi te wydarzenia zapamietac. 


Przyjechalismy do Ameryki do Teksasu w roku 1985, wczasie jak w Ameryce byla recesja.  Moi rodzice znalezli prace za 3 dolary i 35 centow na godzine.  Bylismy bardzo biedni i nie umielismy Angielskiego, wiec wiele ludzi nas zle traktowalo.  Nie mielismy samochodu, i moja mama musiala chodzic do pracy na piechote 1 ½ godzin w jedna strone, nawet w nocy.  Ona miala wiele nieprzyjemnych doswiadczen w pracy i jak wracala w nocy do domu na piechote.  Takrze po kilku miesiacach moja mama stracila prace. 


W domu tez nie zylismy szczesliwie.  Przez to ciezkie zycie w Ameryce moj ojciec mial duzo stresu, i zaczol duzo na nas krzyczec i nas bic.  W tym czasie moja mama zaczela nam opowiadac o ludziach ktorzy ja niby zawsze sledzili.


Na poczatku jej opowiesci mnie interesowaly i nawet straszyly.  Ale moja mama potem zaczela mi opowiadac o roznych malych kamerach i mikrofonach schowanych w naszym telefonie i w scianach ktore nas podsluchiwaly.  Potem mama zeczela mi opowiadac ze "ktos jej wszyl" te mikrofony w glowe i w klatke piersiowa i ze to ja torturowalo.  Coziennie ona krzyczala i plakala bo miala wiele bulu i sie bardzo bala. 


Ja zaczelam sie bardzo o moja mame bac, ale bylam bez nadzieji.  Nie wiedzialam jak jej pomoc.

Czesto zaczelam uciekac z domu i spedzac czas z niegodziwymi "przyjaciolmi".  Przez ich przyklad i wyplyw na moje zycie, wpadlam w depresje, i zaczelam sie modlic tylko o smierc.


Jednego dnia Kinga i ja ogladalysmy telewizje.  Zobaczylysmy reklame o jeszcze jednym testamencie Jezusa Chrystusa, ktory nazywa sie Ksiega Mormona.  Bylysmy zaskoczone ze jest inna ksiazka od Bibli w kotrej jest opisane pokazanie sie Jezusa.  Kinga mnie poprosila abym ja zadzwonila pod numer na relkamie aby zdobyc te ksiazke.  Ja powiedzialam jej aby ona zadzwonila.  Pozniej Kinga i ja dowiedzialysmy sie ze i ona i ja zadzwonilysmy pod ten number i poprosilysmy o ksiazke.


Katie, Moja Mama Misjonarka


Po trzech okropnych latach w Ameryce, jednego slonecznego dnia ktos zapukal do naszych drzwi.  Jak ja otworzylam drzwi to zobaczyla dwie piekne mlode usmiechniete dziewczyny.  One powiedzialy ze przyszly dostarczyc nam Ksiege Mormona.  Zapytaly sie czy mogly by wesc do naszego domu i nauczyc nas o ewangeli Jezusa Chrystusa.  Ja je wposcilam i jak one zaczely mnie uczyc, to Kinga tez weszla do pokoju i zeczela sluchac.  Jak tak tych misjonarek sluchalysmy to zeczelysmy sie usmiechac pierwszy raz od przyjazdu do Ameryki.  Jak misjonarki skonczyly lekcje i poszly do domu, Kinga i ja zauwarzylysmy ze tak dlugo sie usmiechalysmy az nas policzki bolaly.  To byl pierwszy rak jak poczulysmy moc Ducha Swietego ktory nas uspakaja i uszczesliwia. 


Jedna z tych misjonarek nazywala sie Katie Phelps.  Ona mnie i Kinge nauczyla o Kosciele Jezusa Chrystusa Swietych Dni Ostatnich.  Ale Katie nie byla tylko misjonarka dla nas.  Ona takrze byla i jest nasza przyjaciolka.  Nawet jej rodzina mnie i Kinge przygarnela jak bylysmy mlode.  Katie ojciec przyjechal do Teksasu z Kaliforni i mnie ochrzcil.  Jak Katie skonczyla misje i pojechala na studja do Utah, to ona i jej maz zaprosili mnie i Kinge  z nimi mieszkac abysmy mialy szanse zyc w spokojnym domu.  Kinga z nimi mieszkala.  Tez Katie rodzina przeslala nam pieniadze abysmy mogly sobie kupic nowe ladne ubrania, a nie nosic stare oberwane koszule.  Rok pozniej jak ja przyjechalam do Utah, to Katie juz tam nie mieszkala.  Ja bylam bezdomna i spalam w moim samochodzie.  Jak Katie siostra Samantha sie o tym dowiedziala to zaprosilam mnie abym z nia i z jej mezem mieszkala przez jakis czas, i tak tez sie stalo. 


Nieraz mysle o tym ze Bog zawsze o mnie i moje potrzeby sie troszczyl.   W okresie mojego zycia kiedy mojej mamy psychika nie byla sprawna, Bog przyslal mi inne kobiety aby wypelnialy role mojej matki.  Bog najpierw wybral Katie aby mnie uczyla, odrzywiala, i postawila moje nogi na scieszce szczescia.  Choc moja sytuacja od razu sie nie zmienila, od czasu spotkania Katie nie mialam depresji; zato mialam nadzieje.   


Siostra Pieper, Moja Mama w Kosciele


Po trzez niemilych latach w Teksasie przeprowadzilismy sie do stanu Virginia obok stolicy Washington, D.C.  Moj ojciec tam pierwszy pojechal aby znalesc prace, bo w tym stanie sytuacja ekonomiczna byla lepsza.  Podjol prace na budowli i mial wystarczajaca pieniedzy aby placic za rachunki. 


Ja wtedy mialam 14 lat, i bylam nowo ochrzczonym czlonkiem mojego kosicola.  Jak ktos przytepuje do kosciola Jezusa Chrystusa Swietych Dni Osatnich, to starsi czlonkowie sa wybrani aby sie nowym czlonkiem opiekowac.  Pani Diana Pieper byla nasza opiekunka.  Kinga i ja nazywalysmy ja, siostra Pieper, bo w kosciele zwracamy sie jeden do drugiego jako brat, lub siostra, szczegolnie jak rozmawiamy z kims starszym od nas. 


Siostra Pieper opiekowala sie nami duzo wiecej poza jej zadaniem.  Ona nas kochala i byla nasza zastepcza matka.  Czesto jadlysmy u niej obiad, i rozmawialsymy razem on naszym zyciu.  Siostra Pieper byla pierwsza osoba ktora nam powiedziala ze nasza rodzina nie funkcjonowala tak jak powinna.  To mnie zaskoczylo bo ja myslalam ze kazdy w swojej rodzinie byl nerwowy, i pelen bulu. 


Raz, kolerzanki i ja wybralysmy sie na rowery.  Spotkalysmy sie u Siostry Pieper.  Podczas wycieczki, ja mialam straszyny wypadek.  Mocno upadlam na twarz i na glowe i musialam isc do szpitala.  Siostra Pieper mnie zawiozla do szpitala, ale musiala moich rodzicow zawiadomic aby dali zezwolenia na opieke lekarska.   Ja prosilam Siostre Pieper aby ona mojemy ojcu nic nie mowila, bo on nas zawsze bil jesli nam cos sie stalo.  Niestety szpital kazal go zawiadomic, wiec Siostra Pieper do niego zadzwonila i powiedziala mu jak on sie ma zachowywac w szpitalu.  Tez jak wyszlam ze szpitala, to poszlam do siostry Pieper domu abym mogla wyzdrowiedz w spokoju.  Jak wrocilam do domu to juz sie nie balam bo wiedzialam ze moge zawsze sie schowac w domu siostry Pieper, i ze ona zabronila mojemu ojcu byc agresywnym.


Pani Peiper tez pomogla nam zlikwidowac mojej mamy rozne koty.  Nie wiem jak to jest w Polsce, ale w Ameryce jak kobieta jest psychicznie chora, to czesto pszygarnia koty.  Moja mama najpierw miala jednego kota, ale ten kot zaczol sie mnorzyc i w krotce mielismy 7 kotow.  W tym czasie mieszkalismy w dwu pokojowym mieszkaniu, nas bylo 4 a kotow bylo 7. Moj ojciec nie chcial kupowac ani jedzenia ani piasku dla tych kotow.  Czesto koty sikaly na podloge lub na nasze ubrania.  Nieraz jak szlam do szkoly to pachnialam jak siki kotow. 


Z moja mama bylo bardzo zle.  Ona cale dnie plakala lub krzyczala i opiekowala sie kotami.  Ona bardzo kochala te swoje koty i nie pozwalala nam ich komus oddac.  Wiec sisotra Pieper i Kinga i ja zorganizowalismy plan aby jakos pozbyc sie tych kotow. 


Moim zadaniem bylo wyrzycic kota z okna drugiego pietra gdzie mieszkalismy kiedy moja mama nie widziala.  Kinga stala pod oknem i zlapala wyrzuconego kota.  Siostra Pieper czekala w samochodzie az Kinga jej kota do samochodu wlorzyla, i wtedy szybko odjechala.  Przez  nastepne kilka tygodni pozbylismy sie wszytkich kotow oprocz "Muszki", mojej mamy orginalnej i ulubionej kocicy.


Siostra Pieper tez nauczula mnie prowadzic samochod i tez pomogla mi kupic samochod.  To bylo bardzo wazne, bo niedlugo po zalawtieniu samochodu, moj ojciec przyszedl do domu i powiedzial nam ze on sobie znalazl dziewczyne i ze on sie wyprowadza.  On zlikwidowal umowe na mieszkanie i zabral meble i powiedzial zebym sama sobie jakies miesce do mieszkania zalatwila.  Ja wtedy mialam 16 lat.  Kinga ktora miala 18 lat mieszkala w Utah najpierw z Katie, a potem z innymi ludzmi, jak Katie sie przeprowadzila do innego stanu. Ja sie pomodlilam i zapytalam Boga co mam zrobic.  Czulam ze powinnam tez pochejac do stanu Utah.


Jak pakowalam samochod aby jechac do Utah z moja mama i z jej kotem, moj ojciec przyszedl i zapytal gdzie ja jade.  Powiedzialam ze jede do Utah.  On powiedzial ze pewnie bede potrzebowala pieniadze na bezyne, i dal mi 600 dolarow.  To dalo mi mozliwosc kontynuowac moja wyprawe.


Sandy, Mama Co Mnie Przygarnela


Ja i moja mama nie dojechalysmy do Utah spokojnie.  Kinga przyjechala autobusem nas spotkac w stanie Colorado aby nam pomoc skonczyc nasza wyprawe. W miesjcu co sie nazywa Dinosaur, w stanie Colorado, moja mama uciekla nam z samochodu.  Powiedziala ze mafia ktora ja sledzi jest bardzo mocna w stanie Utah.  Powiedziala ze jesli ona pojedzie do Utah to mormoni ja beda sledzic i ze zjedza jej mozg.  Wiec mama nam uciekla i zaczela mieszkac na pustyni na gorze jako bezdomna osoba.  (to jest bardzo skrocona werzja tej historji).


W Utah Kinga nas zapisala do charcerzy i na wycieczke pod namioty.  Ja myslalam ze to jest niedouwierzenia.  Przez ostatnie kilka tygodni spalismy w samochodzie lub w namiocie w Colorado jak probawalysmy namowc mame aby przyjechala do Utah z nami.  A tu Kinga nas zapisala na nastepne namioty!  No ale pojechalysmy na te wycieczke i tam poznalysmy Sandy.


Od razu jak Sandy nas spotkala i uslyszala nasza historie to chciala nam pomoc i byc nasza zastepcza matka.  Jak Sandy wrocila do domu po wycieczce namiotowej, to zapytla sie swojego meza Steve, i jej 4 synow, czy by sie zgodzili abysmi z nimi mieszkali.  Wszyscy sie zgodzili, choc byli wtedy bardzo biedni i mieszkali w malutkim domu.


Pierwszy raz w zyciu ja mialam okazje zyc z normalna kochajaca i spokojna rodzina.  Bardzo duzo sie od tego doswiadczenia nauczylam, i to mi na codzien nawet teraz pomaga.  Codziennie zaczynalsimy dzien od rodzinnej modlitwy i czytania pisma swietego.  Wieczorem codziennie Sandy lub Steve nam ksiazki czytali i razem zesmy rozmawiali o naszym dniu.  W kazdy poniedzial mielismy czas rodzinny, a w kazda Niedziele Steve piekl 12 bochenkow chleba na tydzien do jedzenia.  W soboty wszyscy razem uprawialismy ogrod i sprzatalismy. 


Jednej nocy telefon nas obudzil.  Moja mama zadzwonila z miasta Denver, Colorado, i powiedziala nam ze ona z glodu umiera.  Kinga i ja odrazu wskoczylysmy w samochod ja uratowac.  Jak ja znalezlismy to mama wyglada jakby juz zmarla.  Ona byla kompletnie spalona przez slonce, byla okropnie chuda, i prawie sie nie ruszala.  Tym razem nie miala sily zaprotestowac jak ja zawiezlismy do Utah do domu Sandy. 


Sandy odrzywila maja mame spowrotem do zdrowia.  Ale jak mojej mamy cialo zaczelo byc znowu silne, to do jej muzgu wrocily diably.  Znowu zaczela cale dni i noce wrzeszczec i krzyczec.  Sandy z rodzina zaczeli spac u sasiadow aby sie od mojej mamy schowac.


Modlilam sie aby Bog mi powiedzial co ja mam z moja mama zrobic.  Bog mi powiedzial abym pojechala z mama do Polski.  Wiec jak mialam 17 lat to wrocialam do Polski aby mame wyleczyc.  Ale to jest inna historia.


Jak w Polsce walczylam aby przetrwac, jedna mysl zawsze mi dala spokoj.  W Utah ja mialam jeszcze jedna rodzine i jeszcze jedna matke ktora mnie kochala i o mnie sie modlila. 


Mojej Mamy Przyklad


Po wielu przygodach i probach w Polsce, moja mama byla uzdrowiona przez bogoslawienstwo od misjonarza w moim kosciele.  Podczas bogloslawienstwa wszytkie diably co opanowaly mojej mamy mozg byly wypedzone.  Ona tez byla blogoslawiona zeby od tego czasu mogla funkcjonowac.  Od tego blogoslawienstwa 18 lat temu, kazdegego dnia moja mama lepiej sie czula.


Teraz mama ma spokojna prace, ona ma swoj wlasny dom, i mama lubi uprawiac ogrodek i drzewa owocowe.   Codziennie mama chodzi do Gym plywac lub cwiczyc Yoge.  Nieraz mama nawet jest wdzieczna za to ze jej marzenia w zyciu nie byly wypelnione, bo mowi ze prez jej trodnosci ona ma wiecej wiary w Boga i jest bardzo wdzieczna Mu za te blogoslawienstwa ktore ma. 


Choc przez wiele lat mojego zycia moja mama byla chora, ona zawsze byla dobrym przykladem dla mnie. Napisze pare przykladow.


Kilka lat temu moja mama pojechala do Polski aby zajac sie swoja mama Ludmila.  Co miesiac ja wysylalam mojej mamie 200 lub 300 dolarow na zycie.  Mama mi powiedziala ze to jej wystarczalo.  Raz nasza znajoma z Niemiec przyjechala mame odwiedzic i mi powiedziala za mama mieszkala w strasznych warunkach.  Nic w mieszkaniu nie miala. Spala na kafelkowej podlodze.  Tez miala bardzo malo jedzenia.  Ja bylam zaskoczona i zadzwonilam do mamy i zapytalam dlaczego ona tak biednie zyla.  Mama mi powiedziala ze ona spotkala znajomego z jej dziecinstwa ktory stacil prace i jego zona tez stracila prace.  Oni mieli dziecko, i nie mieli jedzenia, i tez nie mieli pieniedzy na wegiel aby ogrzac swoje mieszkanie. 


Moja mama zaoszczedzila pieniadze ktore ja jej wysylalam i kupowala im jedzienie i tez kupila im wegiel.  Kazdego miesiaca im pomagala, bo powiedziala zo oni sa biedniejsi od niej.  Do tego dnia, raz na rok mama im kupuje wegiel raz  na rok. 


Innym razem, Kinga meza brat, Brad, mieszkal z Kinga.  Brad mial ciezkie dziecienstwo, i przez dlugi czas on byl wloczega.  On byl nieodpowiedzialny, i mieszkal albo z jednym kolega, albo z drugim.  Brad takrze palil papierosy, mial wlosy obciety jak punk, i mial bardzo duzo tatularzy i kolczykow na calym ciele.  Jak on mieszkal z Kinga, to ja czesto bylam zla na niego ze on nie mial zadnej motywacji, i ja i Kinga czesto na niego narzekalysmy.  


Ale moja mama zawsze go w swoim sercu kochala i nam mowila ze gleboko to on jest dobrym czlowiekiem.  Na Swieta Bozego Narodzenia mama go zaprosila do jej domu i kupila mu prezenty.  Ja bylam zaszokowana.  To mi nie pszyszlo do glowy aby byc taka mila do tego biednego zagubionego Brada.  Zato Mojej mamie to od razu pszyszlo do glowy…


Widac na to ze Bog uwarza matki za najwarzniejsze, bo im dal On zadanie zajmowania sie Jego dziecmi.  Czesto jak nasze wlasne matki nie maja mozliwosci nami sie zajac, Bog przysyla nam inne kobiety ktore sluza nam w roli matki.  Ja jestem na zawsze wdzieczna za moja mame i za jej przyklad, i tez jestem wdzieczna za wszytkie inney matki w moim zyciu.




Zalanczal zdjecia moich matek:


1) Moja mama i ja w Polsce

2) Katie, moja misjonarka

3) Siostra Pieper

4) Sandy ze swoim mezem i synami

5) Biezace zdjecie mojej mamy    


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