Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Going to Utah/Jedziemy do Utah

June 23, 2008


My wonderful mother in law, Nancy, asked us to come and visit our family in Utah, and she gave us money towards the tickets.  After many long hours bidding on tickets on, we found some tickets and we are flying out to Utah this Thursday.  We will stay in Utah until the 24th of July. 


Josh is unfortunately not coming with us.  He has to go to Ft Bragg in North Carolina to deliver babies for a month.  He will get to deliver about 40 babies while he is there.   During residency Josh only gets 10 days off per year and he doesn't exactly get to choose which days he has off.  So it's not really possible for him to vacation.


I'm sending some more family pictures.  The first are a couple from a graduation dinner that Josh had to go to.  It was a very expensive mandatory dinner that we had to pay for and the food wasn't very good.  But Josh sure looked handsome in his uniform.  So I thought you'd appreciate the photo.


The next couple pictures are of Nephi and Grace "working" in our garden, and the next two are of us going fishing right by our house.  There are lots of fish in the lake here, but they only like to nibble on our bait and they are careful to avoid the hook!  We only caught one fish so far.


The last couple of photos are at the pool.  Isaiah is doing a graceful dive.  Grace does not like to go to the pool much.  The only time she is happy there is if she is sleeping or going home.  Sometimes she likes to splash in the kiddie pool but not for long.  Enjoy the pictures!!




23 Czerwiec 2008


W ten czwartek jedziemy do Utah.  Moja tesciowa dala nam pieniadze na bilety wiec lecimy samolotem.  Josh nie moze z nami jechac bo on musi jechac na miesiac do stanu North Carolina gdzie on bedzie pracowal jako polorznik.  On "odbierze" (nie wiem jak to sie mowi po polsku) oko 40 dzieci. 


Zreszta przez nastepne 3 lata moj maz tylko dostaje 10 dni wakacji na rok i on tez nie wybiera kiedy on moze wykorzystac te 10 dni wolnych.  Dyrektor jego programu to wybiera.  Wiec on nie moze z nami jechac na wakacje.


Przesylam kilka rodzinnych zdjec.  Pierwsze dwa zdjecia sa z takiego waznego obiadu gdzie moj maz msial isc.  Byl bardzo drogi obiad ale wcale nie smaczny.  Ale zato moj maz bardzo ladnie wyglada w swoim mundurze.


W nastepnych dwuch zdjeciach Nefi i Grace pracjua w naszym ogrodku.  A w nastepnych cala  rodzina idzie na ryby tu obok naszego domu.  Niestey choc jest wiele ryb w tym jeziorze, one nie daja sie zlowic.  Tylko raz ja tu zlapalam rybe.


Ostatnie dwa zdjecia sa a basenu.  Isaiah bardzo ladnie nurkuje, a Grace to nie lubi basenu.  Tylko lubi tam spac albo isc do domu.  Nieraz kilka minut bawi sie w wodzie ale bardzo krotko.






Tam said...

What a handsome couple! You two look so nice in your picture together. Your kids are getting big. I admire you for being so good at giving them lots of opportunities to have fun, grow, and just be kids.

Robyn said...

You guys look beautiful together! Love the pictures.
We sure miss you!
Love, robyn